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What you need to know about carpet

Carpet flooring adds comfort and elegance to your home. There is a lot from which to choose, what with all the colors, styles and designs and technology just keeps adding more options. Ultimately, your choice of carpet floors will depend upon your needs and styles.

D & D Flooring is a 30-year-old, family-owned company known for stability and quality in both selling and installing floors, whether it is for your home or a commercial facility.

There is no flooring project that is too large or too small for us. We stay with you every step of the way until the job is completed to your satisfaction. Because of our great reputation, we are part of the Gardendale Chamber of Commerce. In our showroom alone, we have over 100 carpet samples, and we hope this guide will help to simplify the process.

Please feel free to visit our showroom in Gardendale, AL. We service Gardendale, Fultondale, Kimberly, Mount Olive, and Warrior. We also offer a complimentary in-home estimate.

Fiber 101

There are four main fibers.
  • Wool. This is natural, fluffy, gorgeous and a little pricey. Because of natural oils, it is inherently stain resistant
  • Nylon. Many know this synthetic for phenomenal strength. It also has good resiliency, meaning that the flooring bounces back to its original appearance after compression. It is absorbent, but if you apply a stain protectant, it will be resistant
  • Polyester. Another synthetic, it is not as resilient as nylon, but it has excellent stain resistance
  • Olefin. This is most durable when it is in a Berber style. This carpet resists stains, but not repelling soil.

Triexta fiber

Relatively new, this has the permanent stain guard built right into the fiber. This fiber is said to be even more durable than nylon.

Know pile

This is simply about the type of carpet fiber loops. You can high pile, with long, loose fibers, such as the shag. There are short, tightly woven ones like the low pile Berber. Low pile styles are easier to clean and more durable which is why you often see these floors in both residential and commercial installations.

Some fall in the middle, such as Saxony. Another is the frieze; although typically known as a high pile, the fibers are still not as long as others, such as the shag. Both are good, but it will depend upon where the installation is to take place.